YA-PO-AH Terrace Retirement Apartments For Active Seniors!

"YA-PO-AH Terrace is a place many Seniors are proud to call home."

At YA-PO-AH Terrace your lifestyle choices begin with selecting which one of our 222 understatedly elegant and spacious apartments you want to call home. Designed with your ease of use in mind, we offer three apartment styles.

Your choices include The Studio, structured for maximum efficiency with minimum maintenance on your part. Or perhaps you would like more elbow room and still have minimal housekeeping? Then you should check out one of our light and airy Alcove Apartments.

Our largest apartment is our extra roomy Bedroom Apartment. Its design allows plenty of room to accommodate your needs. Once you see one, you will know instantly why they are so popular with they are so popular.

At YA-PO-AH Terrace we realize that a little extra assistance may be desired to remain active and independent. That is why we have established the third floor to provide you with housekeeping service, meal preparation, weekly laundry & linen services and to fill any other special needs you may have. If you do have some special assistance requirements, please call us @ 1.888.638.8881 or write us @ More Information. We will be happy to discuss your needs.

Funds for the construction of YA-PO-AH Terrace were provided by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development under the guidelines of HUD's 202 Loan Mortgage Program. This federal loan and mortgage program allows us to keep our rents affordable for seniors living at YA-PO-AH Terrace. (Current Rent Schedule) Federal Rent Subsides are available for those who qualify. Please call or write to find out if you qualify.

Evergreen Union Retirement Association
350 Pearl Street
Eugene, OR 97401

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For more details: Please E-mail us at More Information or call us at 1-888-638-8881