Rental Rates

YaPoAh Terrace is a Section 8/202, Senior Only, 62+, Housing Project. 

Floors 4 – 18
HUD Rental Assistance Apartments:

Rental Rate:  If you qualify for HUD Rental Assistance, you generally pay approximately 30% of Adjusted Gross Income.

To qualify for an apartment on Floors 4 – 18 your Annual Gross Income Requirements are as follows:
Single Occupancy        $31,200 or less
Double Occupancy       $35,650 or less

All Utilities are included except telephone, cable and internet.



Third Floor Rental:

Apartment Living – Basic Rent or Rent with Amenities Package Available

Amenities package includes: two meals daily (breakfast and lunch), weekly housekeeping, personal laundry and linen service, transportation to pre-scheduled physician appointments.

No Amenities: No meals, housekeeping, laundry service or transportation included.  Also eliminates the ability to use Third Floor Lounge and/or Laundry Room.  Laundry may be taken care of by using the Second Floor Laundry Room – $1.00 and up per washer/dryer.

Market Rate Rental Costs Only on the Third Floor – No HUD Rent Subsidy available on this floor.   One studio apartment on this floor is an Income Qualified LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit Apartment), so LIHTC income limits apply.

Please contact the office (541)342-5329 for current rates.

All Utilities are included except telephone, cable and internet.